Frequently Asked Questions

How exactly do I proceed with PPDs
1. Click the paypal ‘Subscription’ button.

2. This takes you to your paypal account where you transfer £1 for 6 weeks free access.

3. After you have paid you are taken to a page where you create a membership account for this website, the username and password you create will be used in the future to log onto this site.

4. Listen to the first PPD for connecting to your ‘natural buddha’.

5. Practice the meditations, exercises and bonus PPDs that we send you.

Can I just listen to the PPDs and not do the exercises?

If you are in some active program like sports performance where every day you are striving to achieve something then you may not need the exercises. But otherwise if you are not making a specific effort in line with the PPD intention you won’t get anything like the same results.

The exercises multiply the effect of the PPDs and the PPDs multiply the effect of the exercises.

Is it better to listen with headphones or earpieces?
Earphones or headphones are best, but they are not essential and the quality of the hi-fi is not important because the sound is only the carrier.

Can I do something else while listening?
Obviously you can especially if it’s car driving or knitting, in other words you are on automatic, and you can still listen, its OK. But if the thing you are doing require your attention, take a two-minute break and listen properly.

Are the viola sounds what I’m listening to?
Superficially yes that’s what you are hearing.
The conscious resonances are attached to the sounds in a way that we can’t hear, and these are what do the work.

Keeping the PPD diary
Because PPDs work deeper than we expect, it best to write down what we notice and also what happens. For example if we get a dream that we’ve never had before that is what happened. If we become unaccountably weepy or angry or friendly likewise it is what happened. We might notice also that for example our memory is better even when we cannot pin down when this started.

It’s almost certain some things will happen we will not associate with the PPD. That’s just how we don’t see the connection as a rule, it’s normal. So if things do happen not connected to the PPD, definitely include them!
When we write down what happened and what we notice we will be able to go back to this information and use the PPD for that purpose or effect again.

When we don’t write it down we will soon be very confused as to which PPD did what.
That’s okay but it doesn’t allow us to re-use PPDs according to our experience of them.

We offer personal supervision to help in maximising PPD effects.

I really don’t understand these conscious resonances!
This part is truly very difficult to understand. The physical world as we know it which is solidness in space and time is the outcome of patterns of intelligent energy which create the apparent solidness that we experience. In reality we live in a sort of virtual reality created by the forces of nature. They are doing this all the time right now and if they were to stop for even a millisecond the whole world would disappear. That’s how powerful the conscious intelligence patterns are. The conscious intelligent resonant patterns we ask you to listen to with PPDs are similarly powerful. What we do is we tap into a specific intelligent consciousness which creates for us the intelligent resonances we need to resolve our negative history and amplify our natural buddha’s characteristics. The actual material of the resonances we use is conscious resonance and there is nothing physical about it at all. It cannot be measured, copied or perceived.

Do PPDs worked for everybody? And how do I know there are working?
In our understanding PPDs do work for everybody but not everybody will notice them working. We commonly attribute the changes we make in our lives to the most obvious things like I was going to get married/change job/emigrate/get a motorbike anyway. Previously we only had the thought of doing something new and had been thinking that for a long time, and soon after listening to PPDs we did it. It seems to us like a small change when in fact it was a major shift of consciousness.

With the Olympic and international athletes for example they tended to attribute that they performed better than ever before to a change in training technique, a new tonic, anything except listening to the PPDs even when their performance hadn’t shifted in three years prior to PPDs. PPDs were off their radar as ways to change.

Other people get quite the reverse. They notice every time they listen to a PPD while they are listening.

So if we are the type that doesn’t notice things changing is important to listen to what other people tell us spontaneously without us asking. Why have you suddenly become nicer to me? might tell you that something is happening. You seem so much more relaxed, might tell us that we’ve calmed down. Don’t make the mistake of asking people but see if spontaneous offerings occur.
Shifts in consciousness are slippery things like an eel and they tend to happen without us noticing or they happened and we didn’t see when, it’s only by looking back that we notice it. This is because when consciousness shifts it shifts in the timeless space and ywe simply can’t put a time to it, we cant pin it down.

So we recommend that you try the free PPD or at least a week and then evaluate whether PPDs could work for you.

Can the PPDs have any side effects?
Obviously PPDs can’t have side-effects of the type that drugs have because they don’t contain any physical compounds. But if you had your head stuck in the sand for a very long time we might be surprised by the new view we get of reality. We might find we have some serious readjusting to do. We might realise that our mother-in-law is not the dreadful person we previously had them listed as. We might just see them as they are, a kind old lady trying to help in the only way she knows how. We might even figure out to facilitate that. They might be similar readjustments to make in our marriage, with our children, and with people at work and we might actually become nicer! We might find that our victim/doormat posture is no longer tenable, and that we start to speak up for our self and this disrupts the family temporarily as they have to adjust to this new person in the room. We might find we can do things that we never did before. Later on as the process carries on all sorts of creative new avenues we may open up. Personal Buddha’s come in all shapes and sizes, in gardening and cooking and in all walks of life. We do the same thing as before but gradually from a totally different position and with a lot more effect for a lot less effort.

PPDs for other applications
PPDs are already being offered for management training and weight reduction. They will also be offered in other formats, on other websites for sports performance, learning and therapeutic purposes and many others. Later on you may well want to supply PPDs to your clients directly and this is perfectly possible and intended. If you’re interested in running a niche web site using PPDs you can contact us directly.

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