PPD program contains 9 PPDs:

  1. Enhancing Inner Awareness
  2. Resolving and releasing freeze trauma memories
  3. Resolving and releasing flight trauma memories
  4. Resolving and releasing fight trauma memories
  5. Resolving and releasing war trauma memories
  6. Opening to Stillness
  7. Opening to Love
  8. Opening to Wisdom Within
  9. Opening to Vitality and Power Within

STEVE, Vice President, Fortune 500 Corporation, UK
“25 years in high flying jobs at large corporations may come at a cost reflected on your person and/or your loved ones. In my case, it was on my ability to get a good night sleep; 3 to 4 hours of restless pattern that affected even my desire to go to bed the following night.

I must admit I was never a big believer in unconventional approaches to physical or medical issues, and I was not really targeting this particular problem when I tried the PPDs, but I was amazed by the change it brought to my life. I think I’m much calmer and relaxed, now, and I truly look forward to going to bed every night.
My son is currently going through the teenage phase which seems to impact his ability to sleep, as well. I’m thinking of introducing him to PPDs.”

INETTE, marketing manager, NL
“During and after listening to PPDs I became much more focused and concentrated, which is very helpful in my work as a manager of a marketing department. I also got the spirit to finally start sports again and it went amazingly well, both at physical and performance level.”
Dr. Emoto laboratory staff, Lichtenstein
“We were very surprised that we found so may well-defined
crystal shapes in PPD resonance treated water.”

ALBERT, translator, CA
“I’m calmer. No stress. Communication has definitely improved. I am more confident. I do what I want or need to do and don’t think about it too much. I don’t worry about what I say and say ‘no’ when I need to, which used to be a problem. If I do feel a little panic, I can handle it better than before. I started to jog and exercise more. The work of PPD is very subtle, but I can feel the difference….”

ANNA, teacher, NL
“From the moment I started listening to PPDs my life has changed quite a bit. For many years I wanted to change my diet, but I never did, till 3 months ago, the difference is 10 kg and no sweat.
There also were some bad memories from my love life. Fear kept me from clearing my past, but suddenly it all went very smoothly and without any effort I had a few freeing conversations with my ex boyfriends!”

MICHAL R, sales manager, CZ
Question: What effect has listening to PPDs had on your work?
Answer: “Enormous. Actually I cannot see much of a difference in my personal life but I can tell there are clear changes in my approach to work. I see things positively now. I am not frustrated by failures because I know I have done my best. PPDs help me to focus on important tasks and finish them. When I fulfill them successfuly, it is great. When I fail I take it simply as a failure and not as my personal insufficiency. I used to look for a mistake in me, I often suffered from disappointment and self blame and I did not start new projects with enough enthusiasm. This led to an overall frustration, conflicts with my boss etc. Thank you. It isn’t the first time you have helped me… ”

“I noticed a definite improvement in my acceptance of myself and others. I recognize the criticism sooner and am consciously able to let it go. I feel generally happier but it is noticeable that this state is now requiring more active maintenance. My sister commented I was the happiest she had seen me when we met at Christmas.”

The PPD Set costs € 997,- (approximately £791 or $1,293)

  • Every PPD comes with an exercise and/or meditation and is listened to for a minimum of 10 days.
  • Every 10 days there is a new PPD made available on your account.
  • You still have access to all the PPDs that have already been made available. So after nine weeks you have access to all nine PPDs.
  • After 20 weeks your membership ends although you can renew it if you like.
  • After payment your membership is upgraded from the ‘Free Trial’ to ‘The Natural Buddhas Program’. You use the same username and password that you created when you registered for the free trial.

We realise that virtually all people who sign up for the Natural Buddhas Program are GOOD people, so we have made a BIG reduction in the price.

Sign up for the free PPD first and we’ll offer you the reduced price for Natural Buddhas Program after you have tested the PPDs for yourself.

Become a member of this website and get FREE access to the first PPD using the form HERE. The first PPD is to enhance your connection to your ‘Natural Buddha’.

‘Even a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step!’

If you insist on paying the full price for the Natural Buddhas Program, you can pay here and we will upgrade your account straight away:

However we strongly recommend you sign up for a free PPD and then see the offer of a reduced price!

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