Are you interested in enhancing your conscious awareness, enjoying deeper meditation and better concentration?

How-To Enhance your conscious awareness, enjoy deeper meditation and better concentration

using the Natural Buddhas Program

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How would you like to have a deeper appreciation of the present moment?

This technology behind this program is proven to improve your concentration and memory.

Here is a technology that can help resolve traumas from your past leading to deeper experiences of meditation and more enjoyment in life.

The History of this unique technology:

Peter Chappell – the inventor of the Natural Buddhas PPDs

Success treating disease

Peter Chappell first started working on epidemic diseases in Ethiopia The Second Simillimum.

From the success of treating AIDS, Peter used the same technique to invent remedies for a whole range of other conditions. The incredible success of these remedies is documented in the book: Homeopathy for Diseases – Vital Remedies for Epidemics, Trauma & Chronic Diseases which Peter co-authored with Dr Harry van der Zee. It includes amazing cases of people suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, malaria, tuberculosis, autism, asthma – the list goes on.

Homeopathy for Diseases also documents numerous cases of people using mp3’s instead of the water based remedies to heal from their problems; including malaria, shock and trauma, fear and food issues, herpes, AIDS – once again the list goes on.

Success treating trauma

After the success of treating diseases with his new technology, Peter then invented remedies to treat trauma. Working in Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania – Peter and Harry have documented the incredible benefit of this technology to those suffering from rape, torture, genocide and war.

Guerilla soldiers returned to farming in their home villages, women who gave birth after being raped were able to love their child, decades of nightmares disappeared in a matter of days. Truly incredible results.

Hyperactive Survival Instincts Limit Potential

The next discovery Peter Chappell made was from working with ice hockey players. He realised that they were often hesitating for a split second before ice hockey ppdtaking a shot and that this was due to hyperactive freeze survival instinct. You know the expression ‘a rabbit caught in headlights’. This lead to his invention of music that could calm down the hyperactive survival instincts ‘freeze’, ‘flight’ and ‘fight’ and dramatically improve performance.

After identifying the main obstacles people face and inventing a technology that could resolve them…

Peter Chappell then turned his attention to creating enhancers that could amplify the positive characteristics of people’s consciousness such as love, inner connection, stillness, wisdom and power.

That is how the Natural Buddhas Program was created.
– To resolve limitations and enhance consciousness.
– This is done by treating your past trauma, calming down your hyperactive survival instincts (flight, fight and freeze) and enhancing positive aspects of yourself (love, stillness, wisdom, inner connection).
21% of our sales go towards ARHF, a charity who use this technology at the grass roots level in Africa.

You will benefit from The Natural Buddhas Program if:

1. you already have a meditation routine, practice yoga or another spiritual discipline
2. you are interested in resolving traumas and negative habits from your past
3. you would like to calm down your hyperactive freeze, flight or fight survival instincts
4. you want to enhance your experience of awareness in the present moment


We have an abundance of evidence that this technology works even in the most extreme circumstances (e.g. resolving rape, genocide and war trauma).

So there is no doubt it can help you too (see the testimonials).


5 questions to think about:consciousness

1. Have you experienced some trauma in your past that you have not been able to fully resolve?
2. Maybe in a relationship? With a family member? A best friend? A bully? Someone at work?
3. Did any of your ancestors experience trauma (e.g. war / genocide / famine / poverty)?
4. Are you coming up against the same hurdles again and again?
5. Would you like help quietening your mind, being in peace and aware of the stillness around you?


The Natural Buddhas Program has 4 basic functions:

  1. Increases your presence and awareness in the stillness of now
  2. Resolves your trauma, either inherited (epigenetics) or experienced personally
  3. Calms down your hyperactive survival instincts (fight/flight/freeze)
  4. Opens you up to love, wisdom and vitality from a place of stillness, presence and inner peace.



5 benefits of the Natural Buddhas Program:

– Reduces stress

– Reduces anxiety

Calms the mind

– Increases concentration

– Improves performance



Sophie, accountant, Czech Republic
“The PPDs influenced me in a way that I can experience my everyday reality on a deeper level. The ordinary things are more intense – a walk with children, reading a book, even shopping. I am calmer, more patient and generally more joyous. It seems as
if I have more energy – I can manage more in a day than I thought I could.”

JANA , Netherlands
“I am in a greater harmony with nature, I can sense I am much more grounded. I feel greater inner calmness. I am more balanced and calmer when interacting with other people.”

ALBERT, translator, California
“I’m calmer. No stress. Communication has definitely improved. I am more confident. If I do feel a little panic, I can handle it better than before. I started to jog and exercise more. The work of PPD is very subtle, but I can feel the difference….”

“PPD have a stimulating influence on me, I am more comfortable with myself and I sleep better.”

Inette, Netherlands:
“During and after listening to PPDs I became much more focused and concentrated. They have enhanced my sports performance at both a physical and performance level.”

Markéta, archery, international and paralympic level, Czech Republic:
This year she won the silver medal in the World Championship:
Listening to PPDs calmed me down. I could concentrate better. I could literally see the arrows cluster closer together. I could see the results in training and in competitions.”

Eva, Czech Republic
My sons, who both compete in swimming (modern pentathlon) listened to PPD performance. After finishing the whole cycle of PPDs they both improved their personal bests in all swimming disciplines.”


Dr. Emoto laboratory staff, Lichtenstein:

“We were very surprised that we found so many well-defined crystal shapes in PPD resonance treated water.”

Proof that this technology can imprint information into water/music.


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